Make healthy foods fun

through the power of play!

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What Therapists & Parents are saying:


Autumn R. Henning, MS, CCC-SLP, COM, IBCLC

“Picky Eaters have been a tool to bring positivity and autonomy to my patients with feeding difficulties. They allow the child to engage with their food despite having anxiety, sensory, oral, motor, medical, and fine motor challenges.“

- Orofacial Myologist & Speech Therapist, Chrysalis Orofacial


Andy Gibson

“She loved trying to pick up all sorts of different food. It even encouraged her to eat some things that she normally doesn’t! I’m thrilled we found this utensil, and plan to continue using it in the future.”

- Educator & Mom of Two, @educationalandy_at_home


Natalia Gonzalez, M.S. CCC-SLP

“Picky Eaters are so fun to use during therapy. They are an engaging way for children to poke and try new or avoided foods. Encourage children to use all their senses to smell, touch, lick, and hear food crunch (or not!)"

- Speech & Feeding Therapist,
Gonzalez Bilingual Therapy

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