Our Founders

Picky Eaters founders Karen Krieger and Stephanie Fedro-Byrom in Pittsburgh PA

Two Moms on a Mission

Karen Krieger and Stephanie Fedro-Byrom are friends, moms, and co-founders of Picky Eaters™. As busy moms, they were always looking for easy, creative ways to introduce healthy foods at mealtime. They developed Picky Eaters™ to make exploring new foods a more “fruitful” experience for the whole family. As two moms who know how exhausting parenting can be, they hope to make your daily life just a little bit easier by making family mealtimes more enjoyable and conflict-free!

Manufacturing and Safety

Made in the USA

From the very beginning, Karen and Stephanie knew they wanted to manufacture Picky Eaters™ as close to their homes in Pittsburgh as possible. They wanted to ensure that they had a safe supply chain and they wanted to support local and regional businesses. Karen and Stephanie were thrilled to find a manufacturer in Meadville, PA, who recognized their particular needs and brought their vision to life.


Picky Eaters™ are BPA-free and have met stringent consumer safety standards. They have earned a Children's Product Certificate by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

Fine Print: Not intended for bullfighting, harpooning whales, spearfishing, or sword fighting. Can be used as a cane for small rodents, fairies, or gnomes. Should not be used to pick locks or pop balloons. Always use with your favorite grown-up's supervision. Do not walk, run, swim, or dance a jig while using.