About Us

Two Moms on a Mission

Karen and Stephanie are friends, moms, and Co-Founders. They developed Picky Eaters for their own kids. As busy moms, they were always looking for ways to introduce healthy foods at mealtime. They came up with Picky Eaters as a way to make exploring new foods a more positive experience for the whole family.

Karen Krieger
Karen is the mom of Janet, an energetic 15 year old. Karen became a mom and a member of AARP at about the same time. Beyond her role as a mom, Karen is an artist extraordinaire, tennis player, Weight Watchers coach, and can often be found in the air or on the road crisscrossing the country.

Stephanie Fedro-Byrom
Stephanie is following in Karen’s footsteps. She is the mom of 16 year old Greyson, 14 year old Ally, and almost 4 year old Zoey. She is expecting her AARP membership in the mail any day now. Stephanie is a lover of nonprofit work, fellow tennis player to Karen, Book Club aficionado, and travel junkie.

As two moms who know how exhausting mom-ing can be, we hope to make your daily life just a little bit easier by making mealtimes fun, more enjoyable, and conflict-free!